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Leibish & Co. Offers Expertise in Colored Diamonds for Original Engagement Rings or Anniversary Gifts

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The Short Version: In case you are on the lookout for a unique gemstone or special wedding present, Leibish & Co. provides a robust supply of top-quality, colorful, and conflict-free expensive diamonds and gemstones. The family-run company has been running online since 1998 with a personal touch with obtained recurring business from around the world. Leibish & Co. makes it simple to buy free rocks or even to make use of their free “Design Your Own” device to take your perfect bit of precious jewelry alive. With years of expertise and solid artistry under its strip, Leibish & Co. is found on the verge of expanding the stock to watches alongside extras.


When Leibish Polnauer established his first web diamond business in 1998, it got nearly a complete day to publish an individual image and explanation to their web site — but he was a visionary exactly who noticed possible within the fledgling realm of ecommerce. “When he sees the possibility in an idea, he’ll do everything within his power to advance with it,” said Benji Margolese, Director of Content promotional for Leibish & Co.

Leibish produced a successful, family-run operation together with partner and children offering in management roles. Obtained grown a fruitful web based business with workplaces found worldwide. Leibish & Co. is a leader in special coloured diamonds and gemstones which happen to be hard to find elsewhere. Its expensive diamonds may conflict-free, that’s an important facet for many shoppers.

“People visited us because they search for some thing a tiny bit different, some thing more unique than what everyone else has,” Benji mentioned.

While Leibish & Co. supplies top-quality old-fashioned expensive diamonds, the company specializes in colorful, unique jewelry. Whenever requested exactly why the company provides these a high consumer return price, Benji rapidly pinpoints the reason why.

“It’s a mixture of exemplary items, fantastic service, and jewellery designed to the greatest degrees of excellence,” he said. “The jewellery we make isn’t your daily, mass-produced variety of item. Every piece is tailor-made to perfectly fit the diamond or gemstone chosen by customer.”

A Family Affair With individual Service

Leibish & Co. is a genuine household business, with Leibish’s family playing essential roles during the company.

Leibish serves as Founder and chairman for the business, while their girlfriend, Rosi, is the business’ occasions Manager. Their particular oldest girl, Chavi, serves as the Lead Jewelry Designer — and that is a huge obligation since custom jewellery accocunts for more than 50percent associated with organization’s business, Benji said.

Leibish’s oldest child, Yossi, will be the CEO of Leibish & Co. Another child, Shmulik, that is a graduate of Gemological Institute of America, is the fundamental Diamond Buyer for business. “Shmulik is, seriously, among most gifted color diamond specialists in a,” Benji stated.

Leibish’s son Itzik is the company’s COO and works the nyc workplace on Fifth Avenue. Yoni, that is the youngest of Leibish’s five kiddies, may be the businesses CFO.

“As one of the longtime people in the group, I am able to tell you that, however, there is not any connection, they consider myself, yet others, element of their family,” Benji mentioned. “all of us bring our very own knowledge towards business, but come together to constantly grow the firm.”

Clients are also treated like household at Leibish & Co., where in actuality the company invests fuel into private service and income. “If you have ever addressed one particular agent, including, this is the same person you certainly will constantly handle, regardless of what you will be phoning or creating in approximately,” Benji stated. “we do not rely on driving customers around to various departments when they’ve a question or particular issue they wish to deal with.”

Customers Come From throughout the World

Leibish features certain different sorts of consumers: there are people, who mostly shop through internet site, stores, and those from inside the trade company, exactly who generally visit the company’s main offices in New York, Israel, and Hong Kong.

Many Leibish & Co.’s clients are from the United States. Their next preferred market is Canada, followed by the United Kingdom, Australia, Hong Kong, and the remainder of Europe.

Customers at every stage of life store at Leibish & Co., though the majority are involving the many years of 35 and 54, Benji said. In addition, the firm garners roughly 300,000 site visits monthly — and helps to keep a lot of their consumers coming back again.

“With over a 70percent return buyer score, we remain being among the most well-known companies within niche,” he stated.

Colorful Diamonds & Gemstones With a “Design Your Own” Option

Leibish & Co. holds high-end jewellery, additionally maintains inventory versatility, specifically for on the web clients, Benji stated. The firm carries numerous loose expensive diamonds and important gems, but its essential products are customized jewelry productions.

“We hold extreme assortment of multicolor diamond and gem jewellery, with associated with rarest hues actually seen,” the guy mentioned. “we’re known best by our very own bread-and-butter items — yellow diamond and pink diamond engagement rings. However, we sell diamond jewelry of virtually every shade, and valuable gemstones — including sapphires, emeralds, and rubies. We offer precious jewelry constructed with colorless expensive diamonds, too, but our very own expertise is within the world of shade.”

For clients that some thing planned and need help that makes it a real possibility, Leibish & Co. offers a “Design Your Own” jewellery instrument, which Benji said is actually its preferred item.

“Naturally, when shopping for a special portion, men and women frequently desire specific rocks and placing designs they will have currently dropped in love with,” he stated. The “Design yours” instrument makes it possible for consumers to construct a bit by using the material, setting, and material of these choice.

“it permits these to deliver their unique hopes and dreams alive — with these expertise in craftsmanship,” Benji informed you.

Accessories & unique on line Tools available for Leibish & Co.

As it seems forward to tomorrow, Leibish & Co. is actually slowly moving toward higher-ticket products and product diversity. The company feels comfortable branching out over new product lines due to the determination and love it applies to most appropriate their current productions.

“There is spoken of bringing in different extras — such luxury watches, bags, and even pens,” Benji mentioned. “But we decided to hold back until we initially perfected all of our major distinct item, that will be diamonds.”

Leibish & Co. is looking for ways to carry on mastering its popular website, as well. A good way it plans to enhance the on line knowledge is through launching enhanced fact attributes, that’ll offer digital customers a lot more of an in-store experience.

As a business having its sources in colourful diamonds and ecommerce, Leibish & Co. will continue to innovate in a normal industry which views modification once the different, maybe not the rule.